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Associations and clubs have long been, and remain, an important part of our society.  There would be few Australians who are not involved with an association or club in one form or another - be it social, political, recreational or voluntary service.  Clubs and associations do not have to be  incorporated, but there are some benefits.

Associations Incorporation Act Review

Update April 2014:  The review process is near completion.  The full update provides key points of the review.

What does "incorporation" mean?

Incorporationmeans the association  becomes a legal entity in its own right, separate from the individual members. Put another way, the association is considered at law to have a distinct identity that continues regardless of changes to the membership. The INC. Guide website is an essential reference for all incorporate associations.

Why incorporate?

The major features of becoming incorporated are:

  • the association acquires the powers of a body corporate with perpetual succession and a
    common seal;
  • the association may sue or be sued;
  • the association may enter into contracts and acquire, hold and dispose of property;
  • members or officers of the association are generally not liable to contribute towards the payment of debts or liabilities of the association;
  • the name of the association concludes with the word "Incorporated" or the abbreviation "Inc." as part of its name; and
  • if members or office bearers of the association incurred liabilities or obligations on behalf of the association prior to incorporation, those liabilities and obligations can be exercised against the incorporated association.

Many social, sporting and community groups can incorporate under the Associations Incorporation Act. The Act provides a cheap, simple way of establishing a legal entity that has the capacity to function in its own right.

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