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Information for training providers

    Course Application

    The purpose of the Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) program is to assist participants to update their knowledge and skills in the areas of industry developments, legislative changes and work practices.  While elective CPD activities may cover a wide range of subjects, it is expected that each activity submitted for approval for the 2012 calendar year will include some core concepts which increase consumer protection and public confidence in the industry, and/or promote professionalism.

    Trainers seeking to conduct elective CPD courses for agents and/or sales representatives need to complete either the Word or PDF version of the course application form and submit it to Consumer Protection by post to Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square, WA 6850 or by email. Applications to conduct elective CPD activities should be made to Consumer Protection well in advance of the intended date of the activity.

    Consumer Protection will assess the material submitted to determine if it is a valid CPD activity in accordance with sections 4AA, 4AB and 4AC of the Real Estate and Business Agents (General) Regulations.

    The activity must also be compatible with at least one of these elective learning topic areas in Schedule1A of the Regulations:    

    1. Agency Agreements 
    2. Auctions 
    3. Business broking 
    4. Business management practices 
    5. Buyer's agents 
    6. Communication 
    7. Conflict of interest and disclosure 
    8. Customer service skills 
    9. Disciplinary proceedings 
    10. Law of contracts 
    11. Managing agency risk 
    12. Legislation regulating the carrying on of business as an agent in Western Australia 
    13. Property Management 
    14. Sale and lease of commercial property 
    15. Sale process 
    16. Strata management 
    17. Trust accounting 
    18. Understanding real estate documents 
    19. Valid appointment to act

    For further information regarding the submission of courses for approval please: email or phone 1300 30 40 54.

    Further general information about the CPD program can be found in 'A guide to the compulsory professional development program for the real estate and business broking industries in Western Australia'.

    Course duration

    Elective courses must run for the amount of time which was stipulated on the application form when the course was originally approved.

    Recent cases have been brought to Consumer Protection’s attention where the duration of the course was substantially less than what was initially stated. If the length of a course has changed you must notify Consumer Protection so that the number of CPD points allocated can be amended (if necessary). If you have any queries please contact the CPD team through the Consumer Protection Advice Line on 1300 30 40 54 or  email.

    Late arrival

    Any participant who is late to a mandatory training session by 30 minutes or more will not be eligible to claim CPD points for that session.
    If a participant arrives more than 30 minutes late and stays for the remainder of the activity, the participant will only be eligible for the CPD points when they re-schedule the same activity with the same training provider to complete the part of the activity which they missed.
    Consumer Protection will only subsidise the participant's attendance when they have completed the period of the session they initially did not attend. Participants are responsible for withdrawing or re-scheduling the activity prior to the arranged attendance if they cannot make it on time.

    CPD Online

    Approved Compulsory Professional Development training providers are required to notify Consumer Protection of course attendance electronically using the CPD online system.  Please refer to your CPD user guide for user and security information. In the event that your login and/or password details become misplaced or compromised please contact 9282 0584.