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Perth fuel prices to jump tomorrow - fill up today or tomorrow, says FuelWatch

Issue Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2009

If you want to save money when filling up your car, FuelWatch recommends you get to a petrol station today or tomorrow to beat Perth’s weekly petrol price cycle.

FuelWatch reports that most BP service stations are increasing their petrol prices by 16.4 cents per litre (cpl) tomorrow to 129.9 cpl. Some BP and Caltex sites are also increasing their petrol prices by up to 16.4 cpl in Mandurah. Other brands are likely to follow over the next few days.

Petrol stations in Perth follow a trend where prices jump sharply during a two to three day period and then slowly fall for the remainder of the week. But not all brands move their prices at the same time so there is a wide price variation between petrol stations. 

Tomorrow, 192 (65%) petrol stations are selling below the metropolitan average of 115.1 cpl, with more than 55 selling below 110 cpl.

The advice from FuelWatch is to be aware that petrol is generally cheaper on Monday and Tuesday and more expensive on Thursday and Friday and to time your purchases accordingly.

FuelWatch sends out free daily emails with details of where it costs less to get petrol – to sign up along with 40,000 others who make use of the service, simply head to 

Alternatively you can log on to  each day, or phone 1300 55 08 08.

Alina Cavanagh
Journalist - Consumer Protection
Phone:  9282 0679 or 0423-846397