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Consumer Protection in Norseman and Esperance

Issue Date: Monday, 30 January 2012

Consumer Protection is hitting the road again with Norseman and Esperance on the visit list.

Senior Regional Officer for the Goldfields, Ivo da Silva, will focus on issues faced by people renting property, buying cars, making warranty claims or being targeted by uninvited sellers.

“I will be giving out information about the rights and responsibilities we all have under the Australian Consumer Law which applies Australia-wide,” he said.

“When we buy goods or services they have to be fit for the purpose (work as they should or do what they are supposed to), last for a reasonable amount of time, be fault-free and safe.

“I want to ensure that people know there are rules in place for unsolicited, or uninvited, sellers who may call at your home, approach you on the street or contact you by phone.”

Also during his visit to Norseman and Esperance Mr da Silva intends to:

  • speak with consumers regarding the increase of scams in the area, advising what type of scams are prevalent and what to do if you are targeted
  • visit retailers to conduct scanning audits ensuring consumers are being charged prices in line with shelf labelling
  • check traders are not displaying illegal signs or messages on dockets which restrict consumer rights, such as ‘no refunds’
  • undertake product safety audits with businesses to ensure goods being sold are safe
  • conduct FuelWatch inspections to make sure the price charged at the pump is the same as the notified price on the FuelWatch website
  • check that businesses have a valid business name registration certificate and that those which require a licence have one e.g. motor vehicle dealers and repairers
  • promote Consumer Protection’s new iShopWA app, which gives regional consumers and traders vital information on consumer protection at their fingertips.

Mr da Silva said: “We recognise that in regional or remote locations there can be challenges for both buyers and sellers due to smaller consumer communities resulting in less competition because of the small number of locally-based businesses.

“Therefore, Consumer Protection conducts regular field trips to regional parts of WA, with an aim of preventing problems through education and awareness-raising.”

Mr da Silva will be in Norseman on 15 February 2012 and Esperance on 15-17 February 2012. Mr da Silva will be available to provide one-to-one advice and can be contacted on 0418927282 to book an appointment.  Alternatively you can call the Kalgoorlie Regional Office on 08 9026 3250 or email:


(Consumer Protection is a division of the Department of Commerce)

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