Department of Commerce

Annual Report 2010-2011

Appendix 1: Agreements

The Department of Commerce recognises the benefits derived from working collaboratively with external parties by negotiating co-agency agreements, Heads of Agreement, Memoranda of Understanding, Instruments of Declaration and inter-governmental arrangements with a range of organisations, within the public and private sector.


Agreements provide a structured and formal arrangement for information sharing and are designed to improve the flow of information between parties, where the two have a common interest or legislative responsibility. In most cases the scope of agreements is limited to selected areas of mutual interest, so there are limited powers of request and exchange. At all times the information exchanged is in accordance with a legislative power, and always with regard to other governing legislation, such as the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.

Co-agency agreements

Co-agency agreements in place during 2010-11:

Heads of Agreement

Heads of Agreement in place during 2010-11:

Memoranda of Understanding

Memoranda of Understanding in place during 2010-11:

Instruments of Declaration

Construction work at mine sites falls under the jurisdiction of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (the MSI Act) and the Mining Act 1978. Section 4(3) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (the OSH Act), provides that the Minister administering the OSH Act and the Minister administering the MSI Act and Mining Act 1978 may declare, in an 'instrument of declaration', that the OSH Act or provisions of it apply to, or in relation to, a workplace normally falling under the jurisdiction of the MSI Act or the Mining Act 1978.

Instruments of Declarations in place during 2010-11:

Inter-governmental arrangements

Inter-governmental agreements articulate the commitment of jurisdictions to implement decisions.

Agreement in place during 2010-11:

Inter-governmental arrangements for service delivery clearly articulate accountability and funding for the delivery of services by the department to a government authority.

Arrangements in place during 2010-11: