Department of Commerce

Annual Report 2010-2011

Guide to sections

The Department of Commerce’s 2010-11 Annual Report presents information on statutory compliance, financial, non-financial and operational performance. The Annual Report is structured in five sections in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Management Act 2006.


This section provides a review of the year, highlighting the department’s broad strategic directions and priorities, key issues and achievements. The section details the department’s role, services, authority, Ministerial arrangements, organisational structure, legislation administered and the outcome based management framework.

Agency Performance

This section reports on the department’s performance and includes a report against our Resource Agreement, a report on divisional activities and information about our people.

Significant Issues and Trends

This section contains information on the significant issues and trends impacting on the delivery of our services to the community of Western Australia.

Disclosures and Legal Compliance

This section contains the audited Financial Statements and Key Performance Indicators for the year ending 30 June 2011. Details of required disclosures and legal compliance obligations including financial and performance management, accountability, governance and reports required under specific legislation are contained in this section.


This section provides additional information on the department’s activities including agreements, changes to written laws, prosecutions and the functions of boards, commissions, committees, councils and tribunals.

The operations of the department are presented according to the services detailed in the outcome based management framework.

Consumer Protection

The provision of consumer protection advice, information, education and business regulation services to the Western Australian community.

Safety and Employment Protection

The provision of advice, information, education and regulation services to the Western Australian community in the areas of occupational safety and health, energy safety and labour relations.

Industry, Science and Innovation

Enhances the State’s prosperity by promoting industry, science and innovation. Services include supporting the Technology and Industry Advisory Council with policy development advice; supporting industry development through innovation and commercialisation; and managing industry science and innovation programs and projects.