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Information for the energy industry

The primary objective of EnergySafety is a safer Western Australia. EnergySafety's secondary objectives include supporting the environment and consumer protection.

Electricity and gas can be dangerous as evidenced by the numbers of West Australians being injured and experiencing property damage in which electricity or gas was a cause.

EnergySafety has multi-dimensional strategies to reduce the dangers and provide a safer environment. The lead strategies are:

  • to have safe installations;
  • to have safe supply systems;
  • to have safe appliances;
  • to ensure quality of supply that meets acceptable standards; and
  • to provide for a safe use of electricity and gas.

EnergySafety also addresses the technical issues associated with electricity and gas so that:

  • electricity is used efficiently (electrical appliances are efficient);
  • electricity and gas consumed is measured to acceptable standards; and
  • the quality and reliability of electricity and gas meets acceptable standards.

Licensing Information System

The EnergySafety Licensing Information System allows you to search for information on electrical and gas licenses.