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Pay rates and award summaries

Awards apply to businesses and employees in particular industries and occupations. They are legally binding documents that set out pay rates and employment conditions. 




On this page:

  1. Western Australian state award summaries containing pay rates
  2. Minimum rates for employees not covered by awards
  3. What are awards?    
  4. How do I know if I am covered by an award?  

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    This information is for people in the Western Australian industrial relations system.  If you do not know if it is relevant to you, read our information on who is in the WA system.

    Western Australian state award summaries and pay rates

    If you don’t know if a WA award applies to you or your business, call Wageline on 1300 655 266.
    If you are not covered by an award the minimum rates for employees not covered by awards will apply to you or your business. 
    Wageline’s award summaries provide you with a quick guide to pay rates and major award conditions for the most used awards.

    The award wage summaries are provided in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. Acrobat PDF files require the free Acrobat Reader plug-in, which is available from Adobe.

    Be aware these are summaries only and not all awards are listed here.  Complete copies of all awards are available from the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

    Keep up to date on award changes with Wageline’s e-services.

    Minimum rates for employees not covered by awards

    The Western Australian minimum rates of pay apply to employees who are not covered by an award or agreement. 
    The adult minimum wage rate applies to employees who are 21 years and over.

    Junior employees receive a percentage of that rate based on their age. Separate minimum wages apply for apprentices and trainees.

    Part time employees not covered by an award or agreement must receive the minimum hourly rate of pay based on the minimum weekly rate divided by 38.

    Casual employees receive a casual loading of 20 percent on top of their relevant minimum rate.

    Current minimum wage rates [PDF, 78 KB]

    Minimum Conditions of Employment inc. Apprentice & Trainees [PDF, 303 KB]

    Previous minimum wage rates [PDF, 79 KB]

    There is no minimum entitlement to a higher rate of pay for overtime, shift work or weekends.  Most awards and agreements do provide for higher rates, check your award or contact Wageline for more information.

    What are awards?

    Awards are legally binding documents outlining the wages and conditions of employment for groups of employees in an industry or occupation. Awards are established by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

    Employers and employees cannot agree to lesser conditions or agree to ignore their award. Employment contracts or arrangements providing for pay and conditions above those in the award are allowed.

    Awards usually contain requirements for:

    1. pay rates, overtime and penalty rates;
    2. job classifications
    3. hours of work for full time, part time and casual employees;
    4. leave entitlements; and
    5. allowances.

    Western Australian state awards apply to employers and employees in the state industrial relations system. 

    Am I covered by an award?

    Award coverage is based on the industry you are in and the type of work the employees do. If you are unsure if a particular WA award applies to you or your business, contact Wageline on 1300 655 266.

    List of award summaries

    Jump to an award summary:

    A   B   C   D   E   F   H   I    L   M   N   P   R   S   T   V   W  


    1. Aged and Disabled Persons Hostels Award (279.5 KB)
    2. Animal Welfare Industry Award (277.8 KB)


    1. Bakers' (Metropolitan) Award (277.1 KB)
    2. Building Trades Award (271.6 KB) 
    3. Building Trades (Construction) Award (291.5 KB)


    1. Children's Services (Private) Award (305.4 KB)
    2. Cleaners and Caretakers Award (274.7 KB) 
    3. Cleaners and Caretakers (Car and Caravan Parks) Award (265.3 KB) 
    4. Clerks (Accountants' Employees) Award (243.7 KB) 
    5. Clerks (Commercial Social and Professional Services) Award (303.3 KB) 
    6. Clerks (Customs/Shipping/Forwarding Agents) Award (242.1 KB)
    7. Clerks (Hotels Motels and Clubs) Award (274.4 KB)
    8. Clerks (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award (312.9 KB) 
    9. Club Workers Award (312.7 KB) 
    10. Commercial Travellers and Sales Representatives Award (262.5 KB) 
    11. Contract Cleaners Award (275.3 KB)


    1. Dental Technicians and Attendant/Receptionists Award (277.3 KB) 
    2. Draughtsmen Award (264.7 KB)


    1. Earthmoving and Construction Award (271.5 KB) 
    2. Electrical Contracting Industry Award (295.2 KB)
    3. Electronics Industry (Part 1- General) Award (291.7 KB) 
    4. Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Assistants (Private) Award (272.5 KB)


    1. Farm Employees Award (270.8 KB)
    2. Food Industry Award Definitions (146.4 KB) 
    3. Food Industry (Food Manufacturing or Processing) Award (260.7 KB) 
    4. Fruit Growing and Fruit Packing Industry Award (269.9 KB) 
    5. Furniture Trades Industry Award (293.1 KB)


    1. Hairdressers Award (283.9 KB) 
    2. Hotel and Tavern Workers Award (317.5 KB)


    1. Industrial Spraypainting Award (241.6 KB)


    1. Landscape Gardening Industry Award (279.1 KB) 
    2. Licensed Establishments (Retail and Wholesale) Award (277.1 KB)


    1. Meat Industry (State) Award (336.6 KB) 
    2. Metal Trades (General) Award Part 1 - General (305.8 KB)
    3. Minimum Conditions of Employment Act Summary (91.4 KB)
    4. Minimum Conditions of Employment inc. Apprentice & Trainees (303 KB)   
    5. Motel, Hostel, Service Flats & Boarding House Workers Award (313.3 KB) 
    6. Motor Vehicle (Service Stations etc) Industry Award (289.8 KB) 
    7. Previous Minimum Conditions of Employment Rates of Pay (79.8 KB)


    1. Pastrycooks Award (264.8 KB) 
    2. Pest Control Industry Award (261.4 KB) 
    3. Photographic Industry Award (276.2 KB) 
    4. Plaster Plasterglass and Cement Workers Award (267.2 KB)   
    5. Printing Award (287.2 KB)


    1. Restaurant, Tearoom and Catering Workers Award (321 KB)


    1. Security Officers' Award (306 KB)
    2. Sheet Metal Workers Award (271.5 KB) 
    3. Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail) Award (299.6 KB)


    1. Timber Workers Award (289.5 KB) 
    2. Transport Workers' (General) Award (285.6 KB)
    3. Transport Workers (Passenger Vehicles) Award (236.3 KB)


    1. Vehicle Builders Award (304.2 KB)


    1. Wine Industry Award 2005 (267.3 KB)