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Employer payslip obligations

On this page:

  1. Are payslips required?
  2. What information should be on payslips?
  3. Wageline’s payslip template

Are payslips required?

Many WA awards and agreements legally require employers to provide payslips. 

If employees are not covered by an award, it is still good practice to provide payslips. 

What information should be on a payslip?

Information to include in a payslip:

  1. Employer business name and ABN
  2. Employee name and job title or job classification
  3. Date of payment
  4. Period of payment
  5. The ordinary hourly rate of pay and the number of hours worked at that rate
  6. All allowances paid such as overtime, penalty rates and shift allowances
  7. All deductions from pay including the amount and purpose of each deduction and the name or number of the fund or account into which the deductions were paid
  8. Gross and net amount of wages payable
  9. Superannuation details, including the amount of superannuation contribution made by the employer and the employee and the name of the fund into which the contributions were made.

Payslip template

Wageline’s Payslip Template (PDF, 14.2 KB) provides a guide to what should be included.