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Complaints about pay and conditions

Employees may be able to pursue unpaid entitlements through the Department of Commerce

Commerce can assist employees employed under the State labour relations system. If you believe you have not received your full pay or benefits due under State law, you should contact Wageline on 1300 655 266 to discuss filing a complaint. 

The complaints process is outlined in the publication Employee complaints about pay and conditions [PDF- 65kb].

Taking independent action

You can also take your own action to recover outstanding pay and entitlements, either independently or through your union. If you wish to take your own legal action you should contact the Industrial Magistrates Court on (08) 9420 4411 for advice on the procedure. 

This service is available to all employees covered by the State and federal industrial relations systems.

Contractual entitlements

If you believe you have not received your full pay or other benefits due under an employment contract, you can make a 'Contractual Entitlements Claim' to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission on (08) 9420 4444.

National modern awards, agreements or legislative entitlements

If you believe you have not received pay or other benefits due under the Fair Work Act, please contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on

13 13 94