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Innovation services

Our role is to improve the links within the innovation system, enhancing the system as a whole, in order to translate innovative ideas into goods, services, and sustainable businesses.


Western Australia has a rich history of innovation. Our focus is on the translation of innovative ideas into competitive goods and services, and sustainable businesses.

The innovation system has many players including companies, universities, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, service providers, government and community. Our interest is in enhancing the system as a whole.

Our role is to improve the links between industry, government, research and entrepreneurial networks, so that the pathways to commercialisation are clear, the barriers are minimised, and the community reaps the benefits.

For more information about role of the Division, download our Strategic Plan 2011–2014 (PDF).

Western Australian innovation development schemes

Programs and activities under the WA Innovation Development Schemes have been designed to encourage the development of strategic areas of importance to WA and enhance the State’s competitive advantage.

Industry Facilitation and Support Program

Support will be open to assist WA-based small to medium sized enterprises pursuing opportunities for growth in major trade exposed markets.

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