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Useful publications and checklists


Checklists and guides

All workplaces have hazards that place workers at risk of injury or harm to health. Managing safety and health is as much as part of running your business as finances, taxes, licences, employing staff and production.  This essential information will help you:

  • get started with identifying hazards in your workplace; 
  • assess how effectively you are managing the hazards; 
  • assist you in improving your performance; 
  • introduce a good system which addresses safety and health problems, makes sure the solutions to the problems really do work and that they keep on working.

The Guide to inspecting the workplace is a basic checklist for inspecting the workplace that covers the main hazards in workplaces.  Other checklists are under development and will be available in the near future.

The First Step will help you to get started with identifying assessing and controlling hazards in your workplace

The WorkSafe Plan helps you to introduce a good management system for safety and health.


WorkSafe bulletins are short-term publications issued on an interim basis by WorkSafe. 

Codes of practice

Codes of practice are developed by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health WA (COSHWA). They provide strategies to prevent incidents and acceptable ways of complying with occupational safety and health laws in WA.  

Guidance notes

Guidance notes are developed by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health WA (COSHWA).  They provide detailed information on the requirements of legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice and cover a broad range of issues, hazards and topics relating to occupational safety and health.  

SafetyLine magazine

Electronic editions of SafetyLine magazine covering work safety and health in Western Australia are available here!

Safety and health alerts

Safety and Health Alerts provide information on incidents that caused death or injury in WA workplaces.  

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