Consumer Protection field trip to the Wheatbelt

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Residents and business-owners in the Wheatbelt may notice Consumer Protection staff in their towns this week.

Officers from the retail, building and tenancy, associations and charities, business names and community education branches will be in Moora, New Norcia, Dalwallinu, Wongan Hills and Bindoon.

The aim of the three-day visit (April 12-14) is to provide information to businesses, property managers and local groups including the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Driscoll, who will be carrying out presentations during the field trip, said this is the latest part of a regional WA outreach program.

"We don’t want Consumer Protection work to just centre on the locations of our offices in Perth and the regions. It’s our goal to be seen and heard in the wider WA community," she said.

"This sort of visit is particularly important in light of the introduction of the new Australian Consumer Law at the start of this year.

"Our job is to try to prevent problems in the marketplace by raising awareness about the rights and responsibilities of both consumers and business operators. Prosecution is an option if fair trading legislation is breached but we try not to let it come to that."

Over the three days in the Wheatbelt, Consumer Protection staff will:

  • check that business names are registered;
  • carry out scanning audits to compare prices charged against those displayed;
  • look out for illegal 'no refund’ signs;
  • check product lines which are covered by mandatory safety standards;
  • offer information to property managers;
  • visit libraries and community groups to disseminate information and publications.

The Commissioner for Consumer Protection will carry out presentations at Moora Chamber of Commerce, Dalwallinu Discovery Centre and Moora Rotary Club on Thursday 14 April 2011. Anyone who wishes to attend or requires further details of the community education event program should call 9282 0427.

(Consumer Protection is a division of the Department of Commerce)

Media Contact: Alina Cavanagh
9282 0679 or 0423-846397

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12 Apr 2011

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