Employers not paying location allowance

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The Department of Commerce has identified that a number of Kimberley employers are failing to pay their staff appropriate rates for location allowance and in some circumstances failing to pay the allowance at all.

Labour Relations Broome Regional Inspector and Education Officer, Ms Margaret Lockyer, said that although the vast majority of employers were trying to pay their employees correctly, they often overlooked location allowance.

Employers are  required to pay the entitlement under State employment law. Businesses that are sole traders, partnerships and some trusts are covered by State employment laws.

The current location allowance under most State awards for a full time employee is $31.50 per week for Broome and $32.20 per week for Derby. The rate varies depending on whether the employee has a dependent, is a casual employee or is provided board and lodging.

Ms Lockyer said: “Employers failing to pay their employees location allowance, or any other entitlement, risk creating an unexpected wage debt, which sometimes amounts to thousands of dollars.”

Ms Lockyer urged all business owners that are sole traders and partnerships to contact Wageline on 1300 655 266 to find out about how much location allowance they are required to pay their staff.

“In the space of a five minute call to Wageline, employers will have all the information they need to know on paying their staff correctly.” Ms Lockyer said.

Wageline is also able to arrange for Ms Lockyer to provide business owners with an individual consultation on all of their obligations under employment law.

Media Contact: Arthur Hanlon 0408 911 322

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25 Jul 2011

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