Employment audit of fruit and vegetable growers in regional WA

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Currently the Department of Commerce is undertaking a proactive compliance campaign for fruit and vegetable growers in regional Western Australia. This means that selected growers are being required to provide time and wages records to the Department as evidence that correct wages are being paid to employees.

Employers in the state industrial relations system are legally required to maintain time and wages records for all employees. Information on record keeping obligations is available on the Record Keeping Requirements page.

The Department of Commerce is responsible for ensuring employers in the state industrial relations system comply with their legal obligations concerning the payment of wages and other employment entitlements. 

Businesses included in the proactive compliance campaign are being required to provide copies of time and wage records for all employees employed in a six month period as well as evidence that any overseas workers are eligible to work in Australia. Each business has been sent a Notice to Produce Records which outlines the legal obligations and what type of records are required to be provided.

More information on employment obligations for state system employers is available by contacting Wageline on 1300 655 266.

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23 Jan 2017

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