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WorkSafe has issued a reminder to workers engaged in high risk work that they need to check the renewal dates on their licences and ensure they are renewed.

The first High Risk Work licences with a five-year expiry date were issued in October 2007, so licence holders need to check expiry dates and take action to renew licences or risk being unable to work in their chosen field.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch today reminded workers that it was their responsibility to check the currency of their licences and to keep their contact details up to date.

“WorkSafe sends a renewal letter to every licence holder to remind them of the need to renew, but obviously this reminder will not reach someone who has changed their address and failed to notify WorkSafe,” Mr McCulloch said.

“Our best advice is to treat your High Risk Work licence in the same way as your Driver’s Licence – ensure you know your renewal date and take action while your licence is still current.

“WorkSafe makes it very easy to keep your details up to date by telephoning us or filling in an online change of address form on our website.

“In agreeing to adopt the national licensing standard back in 2007, we acknowledged the important role high-quality training plays in helping provide workers with the skills to perform high risk work safely and competently.

“These licences apply to anyone engaged in work considered to be “high risk”, including forklift operation, scaffolding, dogging and rigging work and the operation of cranes, hoists and pressure equipment.

“Workers who allow their licences to expire risk not only being banned from performing tasks classified as high risk, but also having to be re-trained, an expensive and time-consuming exercise.”

WorkSafe has produced a poster for workplaces reminding workers to check their licence’s expiry date.  It includes a QR code that can be scanned by mobile devices to provide access to a change of address form.

The poster can be downloaded from WorkSafe’s website and displayed in a prominent position within the workplace.

“Once again, I strongly urge High Risk Work licence holders to immediately check the expiry date of their licences, and to inform WorkSafe of any changes to contact details so our reminders will reach you.”

Further information on High Risk Work licences can be obtained by telephoning WorkSafe on 1300 424091 or on the website at

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03 Sep 2013

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