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Maddington man David SMIT has been found guilty of doing unregistered painting work for payment.

Mr Smit was fined $700 and ordered to pay costs of $385 in the Perth Magistrates Court over a job quoted at $9,680.

“Due to this matter first dating back to 2010, it was appropriate that it be subject to laws under the Painters Registration Act 1961, an Act which has since been superseded by the Government’s new package of building legislation,” Acting Building Commissioner Jane Vallance said.

The new Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 provides for a maximum penalty of $25,000 for claiming to be a registered building service provider, or for carrying out a regulated building service when not registered.

“The new arrangements significantly strengthen protection for WA’s building industries and also consumers. Building Commission Investigators follow up complaints received and also conduct random visits in the community,” Ms Vallance said.

“It is not worth the risk of engaging unregistered painters. Our advice to consumers is that if a contractor cannot show you their registration, then show them the door,” she said.

Fact file:

  •          When carrying out painting work valued over $1,000 for another person, registration as a painting contractor is required
  •          Check if a painter is registered at: www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au
  •          Further information info@buildingcommission.wa.gov.au or by telephoning 1300 489 099


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10 Feb 2012

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