Warning to consumers - 230V AC USB plug-in chargers

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EnergySafety has issued a public warning to consumers about the potential dangers of using unapproved 230V AC USB plug-in chargers. 

The warning follows the recent death of a consumer in NSW in which an unapproved 230V AC plug-in USB charger was implicated.

Director of Energy Safety Ken Bowron said today these unapproved devices posed a serious risk of electrocution or fire.

"Consumers should not purchase or use any electrical product that does not carry a recognised safety approval mark" Mr Bowron said.

"The unapproved devices do not meet the essential safety requirements of Australian standards and are often made of inferior plastics and other insulation materials.”

This type of device should only be purchased from recognised Australian stores, and not from online overseas suppliers.

Also, before purchasing these chargers check that the ac pins are of an Australian configuration and are insulated at the base of the pins. This is a good indication that are likely to be approved for use in Australia. They will also be marked with an Australian approval marking.

If you notice any unapproved chargers for sale, please call EnergySafety on 6251 1900.

Anyone in possession of unapproved 230V AC USB chargers, typically used to charge mobile telephones and tablets, should destroy and dispose of them immediately.

It is also an offence to sell unapproved 230V AC plug-in USB chargers in WA, with a maximum penalty of $50,000 for an individual or $250,000 for a corporation. 


usb_charger.jpg, by Electricity

Unapproved USB chargers sold in NSW

Public urged to be on the look-out for them and contact EnergySafety if seen

Media contact:  Catherine Gildersleeve 9422 5208 or 0411 258 721 (media enquiries only). catherine.gildersleeve@commerce.wa.gov.au


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27 Jun 2014

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