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The Commissioner for Consumer Protection is warning WA consumers not to deal with online trader George Sekuloski, also known as Goce Sekuloski who is the director of Bulk Imports & Exports Pty Ltd.

Since 2011, there have been 38 complaints made to Consumer Protection about the trader and his business which sells a range of products including solar panels, generators, spas, saunas and camping and caravanning equipment.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said there was a long track record of issues with the Sydney-based business/owner.

“Mr Sekuloski and Bulk Imports & Exports has previously been prosecuted by New South Wales Fair Trading and is currently under investigation with further legal action pending,” Ms Driscoll said.

“There has also been a public warning by the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland where he has been operating from regional shows.

“Complaints relate to failure to supply products; selling products which do not work as they are intended; not honouring warranties and the sale of items which do not meet Australian safety standards.”

Bulk Imports and Exports Pty Ltd has registered the following business names:

  • Solar Energy Store International
  • EProducts, and
  • Luxury Home Products

Mr Sekuloski is also known to trade under the names:

  • Solar Energy Store
  • Solar Energy Store Australia
  • OzEpicDeals
  • Eproductshop
  • Double-gear
  • Esales_superstore
  • Online-group
  • Lhp-net.au, and
  • Chromecampers


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