WorkSafe inspection program looks at freight forwarding

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The workplaces involved in the program are engaged in getting orders from a manufacturer or producer to its final point of distribution, in this case by road.

The program will continue throughout the remainder of the financial year in both metropolitan and regional areas.

WorkSafe Director Joe Attard said today the inspections would focus on raising awareness of potential safety risks and ensuring that employers had the information required to comply with the laws.

"This inspection program is part of an ongoing series of proactive inspections aimed at providing employers with information on how to make workplaces safer," Mr Attard said.

Inspectors will be concentrating on the general areas of electricity, emergency egress, slips and trips on uneven surfaces, evacuation procedures, personal protective equipment, first aid equipment and hazardous substances.

In addition, they will concentrate on issues more specific to this industry, such as manual tasks, load restraint (falling objects), working at heights, forklift safety, safe movement of vehicles and traffic management and high risk work licences.

Inspectors will undertake the inspections with the aid of a checklist to ensure consistency.

"Workplaces where freight forwarding is carried out present a number of specific risks," Mr Attard said. "Foremost among these are manual handling injuries suffered when handling items of freight and machinery, and risks associated with mobile plant such as forklifts and trucks.

"Other causes for concern in this industry sector include being hit by objects falling from trucks and racking, and working at height on the backs of trucks or on ladders or elevated work platforms.

"Like all WorkSafe’s proactive inspection programs, this one aims to raise awareness and provide information, but inspectors will take enforcement action if necessary.

"We firmly believe that raising awareness with proactive campaigns is the best way in which to lessen the risk of work-related injury and illness."

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16 Nov 2012

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