World Plumbing Day Sunday March 11th 2012

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World Plumbing Day (WPD) is an international event on March 11 initiated by the World Plumbing Council celebrating the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern day communities.

The aftermath of 2010’s devastating earthquake in Haiti and last year’s tsunami in Japan reveals how easy it is to take for granted the availability of safe drinking water and sufficient sanitation systems, until those systems cease to function properly.

History shows that great leaps in humankind’s advancement both physically and socially have been tied to advances in plumbing technology.

The safety and abundance of drinking water is a concern for people all over the world, but what is not often emphasized is the work the plumbing industry undertakes every day. World Plumbing Day helps in bringing a better understanding of the role plumbers’ play in keeping people safe and healthy each and every day.

“Licensed Plumbers in WA and around the country can rightly be proud of their industry as they celebrate the third World Plumbing Day,” WA’s Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“The World Plumbing Council in 2009 launched this now annual event with the aim that on March 11th each year, communities will appreciate that water technology and professional plumbing plays a vital role in protecting the health of people and also assists with sustainability of resources.

“In WA more than six thousand licensed plumbers work toward a better tomorrow by being part of a well regulated and professional industry.

“It is all important that consumers always use only licensed plumbers to ensure they are getting professional service and value for money from a trained and qualified person. If they can’t show you their license, then show them the door,” Mr Gow said.

The Building Commission is participating in WPD activities in co-operation with the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA in the metro area, and at the Wagin Woolarama as part of a Department of Commerce regional initiative.
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