Becoming an incorporated association

Should your group or association become incorporated? 

Registering as an incorporated association is a popular and suitable option for many community and charitable groups because this structure is specifically designed for not-for-profit organisations and is simple and cost effective.

The decision to incorporate is not one to be taken lightly as it means the organisation enters into a regulated system with formal accountability requirements. This chapter sets out the steps that a group needs to take to become incorporated and lists the requirements for registration.  For information regarding the benefits and consequences of becoming incorporated refer to Introduction to Incorporated Associations.

Key Points

  • Only certain groups may qualify to register as an incorporated association.
  • To become incorporated an association must lodge an application with Consumer Protection. 
  • The association must develop a set of rules that comply with the requirements of the Act and make provision for all the matters included in Schedule 1.
  • The application must clearly state the name and purpose of the association and include a copy of the rules of the association.
  • The Certificate of Incorporation is proof of incorporation and must be kept in a safe place.