Information statements

Associations are now required to submit an information statement to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection every year. This statement confirms for the Commissioner that:

  • an association is still active and eligible to be incorporated;
  • the address details held by Consumer Protection are correct; and
  • the association has met its obligation to hold an Annual General Meeting for the year.

The statement needs to be lodged within six months after the end of an association’s financial year. So for associations operating on a 1 July – 30 June financial year the first statement should be provided by no later than 31 December 2016. But it is important to remember that associations are able to choose their own financial year so the due date for the information statement may differ between groups.

Lodging the statement

The statement can be lodged by either the Primary or Authorised user linked to the association’s account using AssociationsOnline.

There is a step by step video available if you need help lodging the statement using the system.