Orientation and training for management committee members

New management committee members need to know about their responsibilities and the workings of the association.  It is good practice to provide a structured, comprehensive and practical orientation to the activities, policies and structure of the association.  This may take the form of interactive workshops and seminars as well as informal individual discussions with outgoing members and experienced committee members.  

An orientation program might include:

  • association objectives and rules of the association;
  • legal responsibilities of committee members;
  • strategic and business planning;
  • policies and procedures;
  • current issues impacting on the association;
  • record systems;
  • occupational health and safety; and
  • financial management.

The Western Australian Council for Social Services Inc (WACOSS) provides training and resources for boards and committees on the function and elements of organisational governance.  

Contact WACOSS on (08) 9420 7222 for further information or visit their website at www.wacoss.org.au.

Orientation kits for management committee members are a useful way of providing newcomers with all the essential information.  The kits can be given to newly elected members and may contain:

  • information on the association, objectives, structure, activities and achievements;
  • the role of committee members;
  • a list of committee members and their contact details;
  • practical expectations (eg number of meetings, other tasks);
  • general requirements and expectations; 
  • the rules of the association;
  • a guide to meeting practices; and
  • policies and procedures.

This sample form can be used as a starting point to develop a summary sheet about your association.