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Mandatory eNotice lodgement

Are you ready? Mandatory eNotice lodgement is coming.

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State-wide cladding audit

Building and Energy is coordinating a state-wide audit of buildings with cladding attached.

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Resolving payment disputes

Subcontractors wanting to learn more about resolving payment disputes can do so here or by phoning 1300 484 481.

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Building and Energy

Announcements & Publications

Penalty for illegal electrical adaptor – PC Master Pty...

A Cannington retailer has been fined $5,000 following a prosecution by WA’s electrical safety regulator for selling an unapproved and potentially dangerous...

Warning to caravan owners, agents and manufacturers

Building and Energy wishes to advise owners of caravans, motor homes or camper trailers that there is a potential safety risk while operating certain...

Ex builder fined $2,000 for misleading conduct (Kimberley...

Western Australia’s Building Services Board has fined a former registered builder $2,000 for two counts of misleading conduct and twice failing to comply...

Industry Bulletin 124 – Warning on inappropriate wind...

Building and Energy has become aware through audit activities that Australian Standard AS 4055-2012: Wind loads for housing (AS 4055) has been inconsistently...

Electrical Focus Issue 1

The first issue of Building and Energy's Electrical Focus newsletter is now available online.

Release of Beldon electrical accident report

Western Australia’s electrical safety regulator has concluded its investigation into the electrical accident that seriously injured a 12-year-old girl at a...

Electric shocks – Fact sheet

A guide to prevention, common warning signs and what action to take.

Beldon Electrical Accident Report

Building and Energy's investigation into the cause of the electric shock is summarised in this report.

Painter fined for colourful claims – Geoffrey Stephen...

A tradesman has been fined $4,000 in the Geraldton Magistrates Court after he falsely presented as a registered painter and carried out painting work that...

Industry Bulletin 123 – Gate hinges in private swimming...

This document provides guidance on the compliant installation locations of gate hinges used in private swimming pool safety barriers.

Appendix B - Compliance with the NCC infographic

Guidance note installing Performance Solutions for...

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