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If you have not received your renewal form six weeks prior to your renewal date please download the relevant form:

Practitioner and Contractor – Forms 63 and 59

Late applications

Late applications may be lodged within six months after the expiry date of a registration but you must first write a letter giving reasons for the delay. You can use the Building Commission’s late application form for this purpose.
If the Board accepts your reasons, you are then required to complete a renewal application form and pay the required fee.

If the Board does not accept your reasons, you may not apply to renew your registration but you may apply for a new registration. The Board has particular forms to assist applicants applying for a new registration within three years of a former registration expiry date.

It is recommended that you lodge your renewal application before your registration expires to avoid the inconvenience of a late application or a new registration. If you have difficulty submitting your complete renewal application on time, please submit an incomplete renewal application before the expiry date. Contact the Building Commission for further assistance on 1300 489 099.      

Board policy on late applications (renewals).



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