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Recognition of interstate and New Zealander applicants

If you are applying for mutual recognition you are entitled to an equivalent occupation in Western Australia. The only equivalent occupation is as a building surveying practitioner. If you want to contract for building surveying work with others, you will need to make a separate application for a contractor’s registration under section 18 of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011

View the 'building surveying contractor registration' webpage for more information on registering as a building surveying contractor.

If your practitioner’s registration has conditions attached to the scope of work you are permitted to carry out, this will be reflected on your contractor’s registration.

During the application processing period

Under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992, if you have lodged a complete application form with supporting documents and paid application fee, you are permitted to work as a building surveying practitioner in Western Australia, until a formal decision regarding your application has been made.

Form 33 – Building surveying practitioner mutual recognition form

Complete and return this form to the Building Services Board

Click here to download the form

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