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The Building Commission is currently offering the following events and seminars:

Proposed plumbing regulation reforms information sessions

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (the Department) is running free information sessions in metropolitan and regional areas to discuss proposed changes to plumbing regulation in Western Australia.

This is an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about the proposals and provide any feedback to the Department.

The proposed reforms are outlined in detail in a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS) published by the Department on 1 May 2018 at:

Metropolitan sessions







Joondalup Reception Centre 

14 May 2018
6 June 2018




Mason Bird Building

4 July 2018
11 July 2018




Quest Rockingham

23 May 2018



West Perth

City West Receptions

24 May 2018




Regional sessions

Location Venue Date Time Register
Bunbury Master Builders Association 30 May 2018 4.30–6.30pm  
Kalgoorlie Quest Yelverton Kalgoorlie 30 May 2018 4.30–6.30pm  
Broome Broome Lotteries House 12 June 2018 3.30–5.30pm  
Karratha Welcome Lotteries House 13 June 2018 4.30–6.30pm  
Port Hedland Lotteries House South Hedland 14 June 2018 4.30–6.30pm  
Geraldton Master Builders Association 20 June 2018 4.30–6.30pm Register
Albany Master Builders Association 20 June 2018 4.30–6.30pm Register
Esperance Shire of Esperance 21 June 2018 4.30–6.30pm Register

Contract management series seminars

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety – Building and Energy Division is proud to partner with HHG Legal Group to deliver a series of information seminars aimed at those working in the building and construction industry.

The seminars are designed to assist participants understand common contractual issues and pitfalls that can arise on construction projects. The seminars are suitable for builders, painters, plumbers, electricians and all other trade contractors who provide goods and services on construction projects.

Each of the three seminars will be run twice throughout 2018/19 in Cannington and are free to attend.  

Seminar 1: Contract variations and time bars

  • Tuesday 5 June 2018, 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Cannington
  • Tuesday 4 December 2018, 4.30 to 6.00pm – Cannington

Conditions precedent, often called time-bars, are the most common reason that contractors in the building and construction industry do not get paid for the work that they do (and may end up owing money). Time-bars are strict contractual deadlines for contractors:

  • to give notice of a change or delay in their work; and
  • to claim a price increase, extension of time and/or prolongation costs.  

Building and Energy Division invites you to join HHG Legal Group’s Murray Thornhill, director, and Daniel Morris, special counsel, to learn how to get paid what your work is worth and keep it when faced with time-bars.

To register visit Eventbrite at:

Seminar 2: Defects liability and warranties

  • Tuesday 17 July 2018, 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Cannington
  • Tuesday 5 February 2019, 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Cannington

Construction contractors often look no further than the written warranty and the defects liability period to understand their obligation to rectify faulty workmanship. However, the written warranty is not the only source of a builder’s liability for construction defects. A builder’s liability to fix their subcontractors’, employees and sometimes even other contractors’ workmanship may exceed the terms of any written warranty, especially if:

  • home building works are involved; and/or
  • the defects have been hidden from plain view.

Building and Energy Division invites you to join HHG Legal Group’s Murray Thornhill, director, and Daniel Morris, special counsel, to learn more about contractors’ defect liability risks, the particular risks faced by home builders and builders off the plan and ways to identify and manage those risks early and effectively.

To register visit Eventbrite at:

Seminar 3: Contractual disputes and debt recovery

  • Tuesday 28 August 2018, 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Cannington
  • Tuesday 9 April 2019, 4.30pm to 6.00pm – Cannington

If you have carried out construction work at the request of another, you are entitled to be paid for it. If a price has been agreed, you must be paid that price unless the agreement is unenforceable. Even without an enforceable price, you are virtually always entitled to be paid the fair value of the work that you do at someone else’s request.

However, being entitled to payment is one thing; getting hold of your money is quite another. For example, as effective as rapid pay dispute adjudication can be under the Construction Contracts Act 2004, there are some cases where it doesn’t apply. If your right to be paid is not properly secured before you start work on site and your principal becomes insolvent, you may find there is nothing left once the banks and secured suppliers have taken their cut.

Building and Energy Division invites you to join HHG Legal Group’s Murray Thornhill, director, and Daniel Morris, special counsel, to learn the best way to get paid in common construction scenarios; when adjudication may not work and why; and how to protect your payment rights if your principal becomes insolvent.

To register visit Eventbrite at:


Submitting compliant drainage plumbing diagrams

Licensed plumbing contractors are required to submit a drainage plumbing diagram (DPD) on the approved form when they are the responsible person for drainage plumbing work that involves the installation, alteration or extension of drainage plumbing.

The Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000 were updated on 14 December 2016. Since that date DPDs have been required to be submitted with the related certificate of compliance, which must be provided to the Plumbers Licensing Board (the Board) within 5 working days after the day on which the work is completed.

The Board are presenting a short information session on how to submit compliant diagrams. 

When: Tuesday 19 June 2018, 4.30pm
Where: Mason Bird Building 
Level 1, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington
Cost: Free

To register visit the Eventbrite link below: 

Building inspectors training 

This training course is designed to provide basic criteria necessary for providing reports that satisfy the requirements of the Building Commissioner where a complaint has been made. The report will be used as part of the determination as to whether or not a regulated building service has been carried out in a proper and proficient manner or is faulty or unsatisfactory.

Participants will receive instruction regarding the Building Commission’s preferred method of report preparation which will meet the requirements of AS 4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings – General requirements.

Participants will be required to successfully complete an assessment task prior to receiving a Building Commission statement of completion for this training.

Dates available for 2018:  26 April, 4 July, 12 September, 14 November
Time: 9.00 am–12.30 pm (including morning tea)
Location: Ground floor, Mason Bird Building, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington
Cost: $40 (inc GST)
Outcome: Certificate of Attendance

To register for this event, visit the Building Commission Eventbrite booking webpage. For further information, email

Go to the 'Building insepctors training' booking page

Plumbing induction sessions

The Building Commission holds free information sessions for licensed plumbing contractors. These sessions will help to clarify plumbers' obligations under the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000 as well as provide an opportunity to meet with other licensed plumbers, and talk to Building Commission plumbing inspectors. New licensed plumbing contractors and existing licence holders in need of a refresher course are invited to attend.

Dates available for 2018: to be announced
Venue: First floor, Mason Bird Building, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington
Cost: Free
Duration: One hour

To register to attend, email or phone (08) 6251 1377.

So you want to be a builder?

The majority of applications received for building service registration are not complete, need further clarification or evidence or don't meet the requirements. This  might cost you valuable time and money.

Licensing Services offers an information session for prospective builders aimed at outlining the requirements so prospective applicants can get early advice.

Venue: Ground floor, Mason Bird Building, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington
When: First Tuesday of the month from May to December 2018
Time: 4.00pm–5.30pm
Cost: Free

The session will give you information on:

  • the application process;
  • the correct forms to use and how to complete them; and
  • required qualifications and experience.

There will also be time for questions and answers during which Licensing Services staff can provide practical and tailored advice.

Presented by:

  • Margaret Sharpe, Manager Licensing, Licensing Services
  • Fiona Brown, Principal Registration and Licensing Officer, Licensing Services
  • Neil Whittet, Senior Registration Officer

Other experienced and approachable staff will also be available to take your individual questions.

For further information, email

Go to the 'So you want to be a builder?' booking page

Building Code of Australia – Free regional seminars 2018

If you are involved in the building and construction industry in regional Western Australia, you shouldn’t miss this important learning opportunity.

Morning session – 9.00am to 12.30pm

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) information session is a half day program in the morning covering the following Australian Building Codes Board information — modified for regional areas:

  • NCC 2016 Volume One amendment relating to fire safety in high rise buildings;
  • NCC 2019 public comment draft proposed amendments;
  • The improved CodeMark scheme; and
  • The practical development and assessment of Performance Solutions.

The morning session will also include information relating to the Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012 and cover recent amendments.

Afternoon session – 1.15pm to 4.00pm (except for Karratha)

This session will cover:

  • 'what could possibly go wrong?' –  a presentation and discussion on the Building Commission audit findings and how these relate to the building control process;
  • Bushfire Provisions – an important interactive presentation on the findings from the Building Commission general inspection in to the design and construction in bushfire prone areas;
  • recent changes to the law and processes related to resolving payment disputes in the building and construction industry; and
  • an update on other reform work being carried out by the Building Commission including reform of the home indemnity insurance scheme.
Location Venue Date Morning Afternoon Register
Geraldton Function Room,
City of Greater Geraldton
Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton
Thursday 15 March 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm  
Albany Civic Room
City of Albany
102 North Road, Yakamia
Wednesday 21 March 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm  
Northam Northam Recreation Centre
44 Peel Terrace, Northam
Friday 23 March 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm  


(morning only)

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder
577 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie
Wednesday 28 March 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm  
Esperance Council Chambers
Shire of Esperance
Windich Street, Esperance
Wednesday 11 April 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm  
Busselton Function Room
City of Busselton
2 Southern Drive, Busselton
Thursday 3 May 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm Register here
Bunbury Council Room
City of Bunbury
4 Stephen Street, Bunbury
Friday 4 May 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm Register here


(Morning session

Conference Room
Welcome Lotteries House
7 Morse Court, Karratha
Tuesday 8 May 2018 9.00am–12.30pm   Register here
Broome C-View Room
Mercure Hotel
1 Weld Street, Broome
Friday 11 May 2018 9.00am–12.30pm 1.15pm–4.00pm Register here


Registration is essential. You can register for either the morning or afternoon or attend the full day by registering for both sessions. Light refreshments will be provided at morning tea at 10.30am.

Go to the 'Building Commission' Eventbrite booking page

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