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Education providers

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) deliver the course(s) required to qualify you for an occupational licence or registration. RTOs are approved by training.gov.au, which is the National Register of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia.

To find a training provider follow the link, myskills.gov.au, and enter the prescribed course or unit code. A list of training providers (RTOs) delivering that course will be provided.

To become registered as a Building Practitioner you must have completed CPC50210 Diploma in Building and Construction (Building). Please be aware that the units required for registration as a Building Practitioner are not delivered by all approved RTOs.

For detailed information on the course(s) and specific units required to be completed before applying for an occupational licence or registration refer to Licensing and registration and owner-builder approval and select the relevant occupation. 

Industry associations

Home Indemnity Insurance (HII) providers

Legal services

Regulatory bodies/statutory authorities

Licensing in other States and Territories







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