Owner-builder application

Becoming an owner-builder

To apply for owner-builder approval, refer to the Owner-builder approval application, complete the application forms and submit with your supporting documentation and payment to the Building Commission.

When applying to become an owner-builder, the Building Services Board requires you to demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge of your duties and responsibilities before giving approval.

Restrictions on building as an owner-builder

Owner-builders can only be issued with a building permit once every six years. If you have been issued with a building permit by the local government within the last six years, it is an offence to declare that you have not.

The Board has discretion to vary this restriction and grant an exemption from the six year restriction. Exemption is granted only in circumstances where significant hardship would be suffered if the request was refused. To apply for an exemption, you must submit a written application to the Board.

Application to the Board for an exemption

For approval to obtain another building permit without the requirement for home indemnity insurance, you must lodge a statutory declaration and satisfy the Board that:

  • a change of circumstances has occurred; and
  • the applicant would suffer hardship if the application was refused.

Send your written application to:

Building Services Board
C/- Licensing and Applications
The Building Commission
Locked Bag 14
Cloisters Square  WA  6850


Building Commission
Level 1, Mason Bird Building
303 Sevenoaks Street
Cannington WA 6005

Owner-builder application package

The guidelines and application forms required for becoming an owner-builder

Click here to download the publication


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