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Building Rules Advisory Committee (BRAC)

The Building Commission is currently considering the creation of a technical advisory committee for the purpose of considering and providing advice on technical building matters and queries regarding the requirements of building legislation, the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and related Australian Standards. The committee will be named the Building Rules Advisory Committee (BRAC).

The Building Commission is seeking:

  • expressions of interest from individual experts in the building and construction industry to form the membership of BRAC; and
  • comment as to whether the formation of BRAC, to provide advice in regards to technical building matters, will be of benefit to the building industry and local and State government agencies in Western Australia.

Building Rules Advisory Committee (BRAC) – Expressions of Interest & discussion paper

As submissions made in response to this paper will be subject to freedom of information requests, please do not include any personal or confidential information that you do not wish to become available to the public.

Expressions of interest, written comments, queries and submissions should be forwarded no later than close of business Friday, 22 July 2016.

Requirement for owners to give consent to a building permit application form

The Building Commission conducted a survey of home owners, local governments and builders in February and March 2015 to review the requirement for owners to sign a building permit application form. These stakeholders were surveyed on: 

  • Their awareness of the current exemption;
  • The requirement for owners to give consent to a building permit application form being submitted to the local government;
  • Any positive outcomes or benefits of the current exemption; and  
  • Any negative outcomes or problems of the current exemption.  

486 respondents participated in the survey. Of these, 77% of home owners, 86% of local governments and 65% of builders agreed that owners should give consent to a building permit application before it is submitted to the permit authority. 

A discussion paper has been prepared based on the survey results to seek input from stakeholders on the mechanisms that can be used to obtain the consent of owners. The Building Commission does not wish to limit the scope for options. However, to facilitate discussion, four options have been identified. These options are presented in section 5 of the Discussion Paper. 

View the Discussion paper - Requirement for owners to give consent to a building permit application form.  

The submission period for the consultation closed on 9 June 2015. The Building Commission will be releasing a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement soon.

Review of the Architects Act 2004 

The Architects Act 2004 (the Act) commenced on 16 November 2005 to:

  • regulate the registration of individuals, and licensing of corporations, as architects;
  • regulate and restrict the use of the words “architect”, “architects”, “architectural” or “architecture”; and
  • set up the Architects Board of Western Australia.

A statutory review of the Act is now due.

About the Architects Board

Architects are registered through the Architects Board of Western Australia.  The Board is self-funding and operates independently of the Department of Commerce.  The Minister for Commerce is responsible for the appointment of six board members (four consumer representatives and two industry members) and four members are elected by registered architects.

About the Review

The process of the review will be in two key stages. The release of this Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS) constitutes the commencement of the public comment phase of the statutory review of the Act.  Recommendations are included to focus discussion on the key areas highlighted for change. After reviewing comments arising from this first stage, a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) will be published which contains the government’s preferred options for implementation. The DRIS provides the opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the actual proposed changes.

The Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS)

The purpose of this CRIS is to identify, examine and seek comments on key issues arising out of the Act and the regulation of the architecture occupation in Western Australia and to determine whether the policy objectives of the Act are still valid.

The paper addresses some broad policy issues concerning the need to register architects, the adoption of a national recognition model, whether to extend the registration of architects to other building design para-professionals, if there is merit in bringing the registration of architects under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, as well as a number of more minor changes to improve the operation of the Act and remove red tape.


The paper concentrates on key areas of the Act. However, the Western Australian Government welcomed comment on all parts of the Act.

If you have any comments regarding the review that you would like to contribute, please contact us at

All responses received will be publicly available on the Building Commission website.  

Review of plumbing

In June 2013, the State Government announced that an independent review of Western Australia’s plumbing laws would be undertaken by ACIL Allen Consulting.

ACIL Allen have completed their review and the WA government is now implementing the recommendations made in their final report.

The Building Commission will publish FAQs, regular updates and discussion papers to keep you informed of the current status in implementing the reforms and to allow further opportunities for consultation.


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