Change contact details for a Consumer Protection licence

As an alternative to post or email, licence, registration or certificate (authorisation) holders (including companies and partnerships, where applicable) can use the Department’s online change of contact system.

To use the system you will need to have:

Your current authorisation number

You can find the number of your authorisation, and see if it is current, by checking your certificate or the online licence search system

Access to your recorded email address or mobile phone 

Once you have entered a valid authorisation number, you will need to request a security code to access the system. The code will be sent to you the email or mobile phone (SMS), as per your contact details in the Department's files. 

If you are not sure what information the Department has on file, part of the mobile number or email address will be displayed once a code has been sent.  The code can only be used once and is valid for 48 hours or until a new code is requested.

If you do not get the code, first check your spam or junk folders. If you are still unable to access the system, please email us for assistance providing your authorisation details and a summary of the issue.

Want to change your contact details?

If you have the above information you are now ready.  

Change my details now

Motor vehicle dealers and repair businesses

The online system is not available to motor vehicle dealers and repair businesses. 

To apply to change authorised premises you must use the Application to change authorised premises form.

To notify of changes to your employee/employer details visit Change of details notification - Motor vehicles.

Property industries

You can only use the online system to change your contact details. To notify of changes to your employee/employer details see the change of contact details section on the Property Industry licence fees and forms page.

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