Change contact details for a Consumer Protection licence

As an alternative to post or email, holders of licences, registrations or certificates (including companies or partnerships, where applicable) can use the Department’s new online change of contact details system.

To change contact information held by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection via the online system you will need to have the following:

An active authorisation (licence, certificate or registration) 

To check to see if your authority to operate in an industry regulated by the Commissioner is active you can search the online licence search system.  Motor vehicle dealers and repair businesses cannot use the online system to change authorised premises.  If your authorisation is not shown online or you need to apply to change an authorised premises for a motor vehicle dealers or repair business licence you cannot use the online system. For further information you will need to contact the Licensing Branch by phone on 1300 304 064 or by email.

Your authorisation number

You will find your authorisation number on the Department’s online licence search system. Alternatively, you will find the number on the certificate last issued by the Department.

You must enter both the letters and the number in the required format (e.g. RA00000), which relates to the authorisation.

Access to the email address or mobile phone number on file

You will need to have an email address or mobile telephone number already recorded with Consumer Protection to be able to change your contact information online. You will require access to the email account or mobile phone when completing an online transaction.

To safeguard your privacy, once you have entered the number of an active authorisation, we will send a security code to the email address or mobile number we have recorded on file.  If you are unsure what information Consumer Protection has on file relating to the regulated entity, part of the mobile number or email address will be shown on the screen once the code has been sent.

The security code can be used once and is valid for 48 hours or until a new code has been requested.

If you have any problems receiving the code first check your Spam or Junk folders in your inbox. If you are still unable to access the system please send an email to the Licensing Branch.

Ready to proceed?

If you have all of the above information you are now ready.  

Change my details now


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