Change an incorporated limited partnership

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Limited partnerships

If the partnership makes any of the changes in the following list, it must complete and lodge the Notice of Change in Registered Particulars form for an incorporated limited partnership, within seven days. 

  • change to the name of the partnership;
  • change to the address of the registered office of the partnership;
  • change to the postal address of the partnership;
  • addition of a partner to the partnership;
  • removal of a partner from the partnership;
  • change to the name of a partner in the partnership;
  • change to the liability of a limited partner in a limited partnership;
  • change to the registered office of a corporate or partnership partner, or the residential address of an individual partner; or
  • change in the status of a partner from a limited partner to a general partner, or vice versa.

Need a form?

Information on forms and fees are available from the fees and forms page. 

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