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Repairing a vehicle can be costly, so choosing your repairer carefully can be a real advantage.

Before choosing a repairer, do your research and talk to people; many will have good and bad experiences which will help you make the right choice.

Some suggestions for choosing a repairer:

  • Find out if the business holds a repair business licence by doing a licence search.
  • Make sure your repair work will be carried out or supervised by a certified repairer.
  • Talk to family and friends. Many people have had experience with motor vehicle repairers and are happy to share it with you.
  • Get some quotes from different repairers; how they quote, whether it is in writing, how much information they give and how many questions they ask will tell you a lot about the repairer.
  • Check out a number of repairers. See if the premises are clean, well-looked-after, check if the staff are helpful and qualified.
  • Ask for customer testimonials.
  • Find out if your problem requires a specialist repairer. A general repairer may not have the skills and equipment to fix your vehicle.
  • Understand something about the mechanics of your car. This will help when you are talking to the repairer.
  • Contact an automobile association.
  • Contact an industry association, such as the Motor Trades Association of Western Australia
Licensed Motor Vehicle Repairer Tick - jpg
Licensed Motor Vehicle Repairer Tick - jpg, by Consumer Protection

Licensed motor vehicle repairers tick

Look for the tick.

The licensed repairer tick campaign materials help consumer easily identify qualified repairers.   

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