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It is your responsibility to keep track of the CPD activities you have attended. You are encouraged to retain evidence supporting the completion of any core and elective activities for a period of four years. For CPD activities that attract one CPD point per hour, you need to obtain a statement of attainment, a record of completion or a certificate of attendance. For CPD activities that attract half a point per hour, records of attendance are needed. Some examples are: receipts for seminars, or notes on approved videos/DVD or multimedia programs. Consumer Protection recommends you maintain a CPD training log with details of each CPD activity completed and the CPD points accrued.

How does Consumer Protection check that I have completed my six CPD points for each CPD cycle?

All participants are required to certify that they have obtained the required six CPD points for each of the relevant previous three CPD cycles (or less if fewer CPD cycles have elapsed) at the time of applying to renew their triennial certificate. This is done by the applicant completing and signing a CPD training log which is to be submitted with the application for renewal of triennial certificate detailing the times, dates and places of all the CPD activities they have undertaken in the three year period prior to their renewal.

CPD training providers regularly update the Consumer Protection’s records of each agent's participation in CPD activities which allows CPD officers to verify information that participants supply to Consumer Protection.

What happens if I don't accrue six CPD points for each CPD cycle?

If you do not complete your six CPD points per CPD cycle, Consumer Protection will consider this to be non-compliance with the program. Non-compliance with the CPD program may affect the renewal of your triennial certificate. Consumer Protection will consider instances of non-compliance on a case-by-case basis.

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