How do I prepare my association or club for the new law

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The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 commenced 1 July 2016, the Association new law page highlights the key changes. 

What you will need to do now

Enrol and update 

Please check and update your association's contact information via the AssociationsOnline portal.  You will need to complete the enrolment process even if you had access to the old system. 

Reveiw and update rules

You will need to review and update your associations rules to be in line with the new law.  Associations must include information in the rules about 19 matters known as the Schedule 1 requirements. Refer to What’s in the rules for detailed information about these requirements. Associations will have three years from 1 July 2016 to ensure their rules comply with the new law. 

More information is available in the transition section of the INC Guide. 

Model Rules

You can use the new model rules  or you can still choose to use your own rules as long as they comply with the new law. 

Where an association wishes to use the model rules there will be no requirement for the association to provide a copy of its rules with its application for incorporation or to have its rules assessed by the Department. The association will only need to add its name, objects and purposes, financial year and quorums. 

Many incorporated associations may already have higher levels of accountability than what is being proposed in the new model rules. Associations are not prevented from adopting higher requirements in their own rules where the members consider those requirements to be appropriate for their association. 

Keeping up to date with the associations law

By using AssociationsOnline and updating your contact information you will be kept up to date on any relevant news. Non-incorporated groups, individuals and stakeholders can be alerted about the new law by subscribing to the AssociationsInfo newsletter.

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