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Don't be a jackass with car jacks

Under your car - DIY vehicle maintenance

A high number of Australian men die or are seriously injured each year while working under their cars using vehicle jacks, stands, and/or ramps, and Consumer Protection is keen to see a dramatic drop in these incidents.

Research undertaken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found that, in less than 10 years, 46 fatalities involving car jacks, vehicle ramps or blocks were reported.

A national safety campaign, targeting men aged 18 – 40, will aim to raise awareness about the risks associated with do-it-yourself (DIY) vehicle maintenance and the simple steps to minimise the risks.

Because practitioners of DIY vehicle maintenance tend to ignore product warning labels and disregard the risk of death and serious injury from lifting and suspending vehicles, various Australian government agencies got together and found innovative ways to get the message to the target audience.

40,000 free postcards hit stands in cinemas, pubs and cafés around the country encouraging car jack users to enter an online competition to win prizes like six laps in a V8 supercar, with one West Australian guaranteed to win. Entrants just had to watch a short video clip made especially for the campaign and answer a simple question about it. The question was: on average how many injuries are associated with jacks each year? The correct answer was 160.

Winners for the competition were drawn at random (computer selection) by Consumer Protection's Strategic Policy and Development Director Gary Newcombe at 11am this morning (2 February 2012) in Perth.
Western Australia's winner was Christopher Byrnes from Stirling.
Once all of the winners have received notification, the full list will be published in The Australian in accordance with the competition's terms and conditions.
The list will also be posted on this page, along with a photograph of WA's winner being presented with his $350 Adrenalin experience voucher.