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Motor vehicle dealer's licence

Categories of dealer's licence

Dealers can be issued a licensed endorsed with one or more of the following categories:

 Category of licence Description of business
A Vehicle sales Buying, selling and auctioning vehicles other than motor cycles, caravans or campervans.
B Motor cycle sales Buying, selling and auctioning motor cycles.
C Caravan sales Buying, selling and auctioning caravans and campervans.
D Vehicle wrecker (dismantler) Buying any vehicles for the purpose of dismantling them and selling off the parts. (Wrecker)
E Vehicle broker/agent Acting as an agent to facilitate the selling or purchase of any vehicles on behalf of members of the public. (Broker)
F Vehicle hire and sales Hiring out vehicles, buying vehicles for hiring out, and selling and auctioning any vehicles that have been hired out by the dealer.
Combination Any combination of A, B, C, D, E and F, as nominated by the dealer The business subject of the nominated categories.

What you need to do to get a motor vehicle dealer's licence

A motor vehicle dealer's licence application can be made by a sole trader, a partnership (firm) or a corporation.

To obtain a motor vehicle dealer licence, you must:

  • Identify (in the application form) the category/ies of licence you are seeking.
  • Successfully complete the motor vehicle dealer licensing course conducted by an accepted training provider (in the case of a partnership or corporation, this includes any partner or director engaged in the day-to-day running of the dealership).
  • Satisfy the Commissioner that you have sufficient resources to meet the obligations for the category/ies of licence you are applying for. For this to occur, the Commissioner will obtain a credit history report on the applicant.
  • Satisfy the Commissioner that the members of the applying entity (sole proprietor, partners or directors of a corporation) are 'fit and proper persons' to hold a licence; that is, they have no recent significant criminal convictions, as determined by the Commissioner. (A National Police Certificate must be provided for each individual associated with the application to establish this criterion).
  • Specify the dealers' premises where you propose to carry on business and demonstrate that the local council has approved those premises for dealing.
  •  Register the business name (if applicable).
  • Register the company (if applicable).

If you are thinking of becoming a motor vehicle dealer and want more information contact the Consumer Protection licensing advice line on:

phone icon 1300 30 40 64