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About the motor vehicle repairer's certificate

A motor vehicle repairer's certificate is a "licence" approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection.

Motor vehicle repairer's certificate (individual tradesperson)

You will require a repairer's certificate if you are:

  • an owner of a repair business and you do repair work or supervise the repair work of others; or
  • an individual who supervises the repair work of others; or
  • an individual repairer and your supervisor does not have a certificate for the same class of repair work that you do; or
  • doing repair work unsupervised.

In addition, as a certified repairer you can only supervise repair work for the particular class of repairs for which you are qualified. You may apply for certification for more than one class of repair work if you hold the appropriate qualifications and these will be endorsed on your certificate.

However, the Commissioner believes all individual repairers should consider becoming certified to enhance their career prospects.

Classes (types) of repair work

There are 29 classes of repair work for which a certificate can be granted.

An individual who obtains a certificate may hold that certificate for life (unless the Commissioner takes action to remove it).

Not every person who repairs a motor vehicle requires a certificate. The Motor Vehicle Repairers Act allows motor vehicle repair work to be carried out by a person who may not have a certificate as long as the repair work is supervised by a certified repairer.


You will qualify for a certificate if you hold a qualification (Certificate II or Certificate III) or Trade Certificate in your area of repair specialty.

You can also qualify based on your experience, supported by membership of professional organisations and references.

Points system

The Commissioner has developed a 100 point system under which you may qualify. Your "100 points" can be made up from a combination of qualifications, experience, membership of professional organisations and references.