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Legislative updates

Recent changes to Western Australian consumer law

Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Commonwealth) copies of the Consumer Protection Notices were published in the WA Government Gazette on 1 March 2011 to give permanent bans on the
following consumer goods:

  • children’s products containing more than 1% DEHP;
  • combustible candle holders;
  • inflatable toys, novelties and furniture containing beads;
  • miniature motorbikes (monkey bikes) with unsafe design features;
  • novelty cigarettes;
  • pools and spas with unsafe design features;
  • sky lanterns;
  • toy-like novelty cigarette lighters;
  • undeclared knives or cutters in art,craft and stationery sets; and
  • yo-yo water balls

Page last updated on:   -  Friday, 29 April 2011