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Questionable Fuel Saving Device - Mtech Fuel Saver

Issue Date: Thursday, 9 October 2008

Consumer Protection is issuing public information about the Moletech Mtech Fuel Saver, which claimed motorists could reduce petrol consumption by between 10% and 45%, dependant on a variety of factors, including the vehicle and conditions.

An undertaking has been signed between the Commissioner for Consumer Protection and the two companies behind the Mtech Fuel Saver – Air Automotive Holdings Pty Ltd and Air Automotive Australia Pty Ltd – to remove the product from sale in Western Australia, both by retailers and online.

Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Driscoll said it was not surprising to see products like this coming onto the market at a time when petrol prices had been at record highs.

“After being alerted to this product, the Department engaged a leading Perth developer of engine and related technologies to test the reduced fuel consumption and emissions claims made about the Mtech Fuel Saver device, in accordance with Australian Standards,” Ms Driscoll said.

The device was fitted to two petrol fuelled vehicles – a Toyota Corolla and a Holden Commodore.  The results reported no statistically significant difference in the fuel consumption from either vehicle measured.

“Based on the test results, the bottom line is that the device when fitted to petrol fuelled vehicles does not appear to work,” Ms Driscoll said.

“Many motorists are feeling the pain of high fuel prices but we expect product marketing and advertising about savings and emissions to be accurate, Commissioner Driscoll said.

Consumer Protection advises that people who have bought the Mtech Fuel Saver can go to the place of purchase and get a full refund for both the cost and installation of the device.

Consumers can contact Consumer Protection if they have difficulty obtaining refunds.

If anyone has concerns about schemes or devices that promise significant reductions in fuel consumption, they should contact Consumer Protection on telephone 1300 30 40 54 or email . All contacts are confidential.