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What is the benefit to me and my business from using eNotice?

The potential benefits are:
  • quicker, more convenient and cheaper than completion and delivery of paper forms;
  • better quality of information and less rework for everyone;
  • accessible via mobile devices for on-site submission;
  • copying of previous notices and safety certificates for repeat work;
  • ability to submit copies to all relevant parties (if customer details are provided); and
  • eNotice keeps a record of previously lodged notices and certificates for viewing at a later date.

Are paper notices still also required to be submitted if I am using eNotice?

No.  A paper notice is no longer required to be submitted if an eNotice has been lodged.

Can I still use paper forms?

Yes. You have the choice of either paper or eNotice lodgement.

When will paper forms be phased out?

The intention is to eventually phase out the use of paper forms completely but a timescale has not yet been decided.

Is there a cost associated with using eNotice?

There are no additional fees for using eNotice. The cost to EnergySafety of running eNotice is recovered through licence fees, similar to the cost of paper forms.

How do I start using the system?

First, you need to register as a user of the system. Go to eNotice, click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts.

Who can I submit electrical work notices to using eNotice?

All electricity network operators in Western Australia and EnergySafety.

Who can I submit electrical safety certificates to using eNotice?

All customers (owner/occupier or builder) for whom the work is carried out.

For how long must I retain notices now that eNotice has been introduced?

The Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 requires electrical contractors to retain a copy of all lodged notices for five years. This applies equally to both paper forms and eNotices.


How do I register to use eNotice?

Go to eNotice, click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts.

I do not know my registered email address with EnergySafety

Contact EnergySafety on 6251 2000 .

My email address is not being accepted

Contact EnergySafety on 6251 2000.

I did not receive the security code

Check that your email address matches the address registered with EnergySafety by calling EnergySafety on 6251 2000.

I did not receive the email with my log-in details

Check that your email address matches the address registered with EnergySafety by calling EnergySafety on 6251 2000.

I am having difficulties registering to use the system. Where can I get additional information or assistance?

Refer to the eNotice Registration video tutorial. For further registration assistance contact EnergySafety on 6251 2000 or email

Can I set up access for my staff to use eNotice?

Yes. You can register multiple users under your electrical contractor licence. You can add or modify user details at any time. Just log in to eNotice and click on the ‘User management’ menu option. For further details view the registration video tutorial.

I am an electrician working for different electrical contractors. Can I set up as an eNotice user to lodge notices for work for numerous companies?

You can be registered as an eNotice user for more than 1 contractor. Your login ID is the same for all contractors.

All electricians must self-register. If you are a nominee, you will be able to immediately lodge notices. If you are not a nominee, your electrical contractor(s) must assign your specific roles (draft notices, draft or lodge electrical safety certificates, user management) under their account.

Log in details

I have forgotten my password

If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot password’ option and follow the prompts. A new password will be sent to your registered email address.

I want to change my password

You can change your password at any time by using the ‘Change password’ option on the eNotice main menu.

I am having difficulties logging into eNotice using my contact details. What do I do? 

If you are having difficulties logging into eNotice, firstly contact our Licensing Office to ensure your contact details are current, particularly your email address and telephone number. You can either call the Licensing Office on 6251 2000 or email

Lodging a notice or electrical safety certificate

I have registered as a user under my EC licence. Even though I am a nominee under that licence, why won’t eNotice allow me to lodge completion notices and electrical safety certificates?

An EC licence is often held by a person who is not a licensed electrician. Nominees must register as an eNotice user under their EW licence and log in under their EW user ID in order to lodge completion notices and electrical safety certificates.

When logging in under an EC user ID, activities are restricted to:

  • lodging preliminary notices;
  • preparing draft notices; and
  • user management functions.

Am I required to input the property meter number in the eNotice?

It is recommended that the meter number is entered as it automatically fills other fields, making it easier and quicker for you to complete and lodge the notice.

However, you can still complete and lodge a notice without providing the meter number. 

The Meter number is not recognised?

If the meter number is not recognised by eNotice, you should first verify that you have the correct number and have entered it correctly. If you are sure the number is correct, you can proceed with completion of the notice/electrical safety certificate – this is an alert function and does not prevent proceeding to lodgement.

My electrical worker/contractor details are not correct?


  • go to the Change of contact details page. Select ‘Notify us Now’ and follow the prompts; or
  • in the eNotice main menu, select the ‘My details’ button. Your personal details are displayed. If you need to change any contact details, select ‘Change contact details’. You will be redirected to the EnergySafety website to update your details.

In both cases the changes are effective immediately.

How do I send an electrical safety certificate to the customer?

If you enter a valid email address for the customer, eNotice will automatically send a PDF copy of the electrical safety certificate to that address and confirm this in the email advice to you. If you did not provide an email address for the customer or if the address is invalid and the email is not deliverable, the emailed advice to you will state that the electrical safety certificate was not provided to the customer and that you must send it via some other means. eNotice has no means of checking if the customer’s email address (as provided by you) is indeed the correct email for that customer – it is your responsibility to ensure that the email address is correct.

eNotice allows you to print a copy of the electrical safety certificate which you can then provide  to the customer.

I have lodged a notice/electrical safety certificate but have not received a confirming email and PDF copy.

First check that your email address matches the address registered with EnergySafety. If so, and you haven’t received an email and notice/electrical safety certificate within 30 minutes of lodgement, call EnergySafety on 6251 1905 or send an email to

When would I use the ‘New PN/ESC (from existing)’ option?

If you do a lot of repeat work, there is a quick and easy way fill out new preliminary notices and electrical safety certificates. You can go to the ‘New PN/ESC (from existing)’ menu option, enter a previously lodged notice/electrical safety certificate number, review and change details as required and then lodge it as a new notice/electrical safety certificate without going through every step.

The address is not recognised?

eNotice automatically validates the entered address with the Landgate database. If there is no match (this could happen for different reasons), a number of optional addresses will be suggested to you
which you can either select from or ignore and retain the address you have entered. This is an alert function only and does not prevent proceeding through the form.

The location is remote and there is no street name or number. How do I fill out the location details?

You should:

  • Enter ‘unknown’ or similar in the ‘Street’ field (this is a mandatory field).
  • Enter the town or district name in the ‘Locality’ field (this is a mandatory field).
  • In the ‘Directions’ field enter GPS coordinates (if known) and or other directions/instructions as required to identify the location of the premises.
  • Select the ‘Next’ button to use the entered address (and override the address validation function).

Do I have to enter the total number of equipment items at each site onto an eNotice?

No, you should only enter the number of equipment items you are going to install, or have installed, as part of your specific work. 

There is no Network Operator. Where do I send the notice?

You should send the notice to EnergySafety. This is the same procedure when using paper forms.

When inputting details for a notice, why won’t the system allow me to enter a zero?

eNotice does not accept zeros. In instances where a zero is required to be entered, leave the field blank.

I am having difficulties using the system to lodge a notice. Where can I get additional information or assistance?

Refer to the lodge a notice video tutorial or contact EnergySafety on 6251 1905 or

One of the office staff manages the recording and use of all lodged notices. Can my copy of the lodged notice be sent to them instead of me?

The copy of the lodged notice is always sent to the nominee’s email address registered in EnergySafety’s licensing database. You can also request a copy of the notice to be sent to another person(s) by entering their email address on the final “Review and Certify” input page.

Multiple email addresses can be entered but must be separated by a comma or semicolon.

Draft notices and electrical safety certificates

Why would I use the facility for creating and saving draft notices/electrical safety certificates?

This facility may be useful in the following circumstances:

  • Not all the necessary information is known and the notice/electrical safety certificate is completed at a later date.
  • Office staff preparing a notice/electrical safety certificate for on-site completion by the electrician.
  • A paper copy of the draft is printed and taken to site in an area without internet coverage for manual recording of details and subsequent online completion and lodgement.
  • If your details in the certification section of the notice/electrical safety certificate are not correct, you can save the notice/electrical safety certificate as a draft then update your contact details in ‘My details’. Your new contact details will automatically be entered into the draft.

I won’t have internet access on the job. How can I lodge an eNotice?

On-site information can be manually recorded on a blank paper form or draft notice for online completion at another time/place when internet access is available.

Amending lodged notices

Can I amend or cancel a notice or safety certificate I have lodged using eNotice?

Yes, you can amend a notice or safety certificate you have lodged, however you cannot cancel a notice or safety certificate you have lodged

If I amend a notice, what happens to the original one I lodged?

The original of any notice or certificate that is lodged is retained as a permanent record in eNotice, together with the amended notice. The original is marked as 'void' once an amended notice is lodged. The amended notice is marked as 'amended' and has the same notice number as the original with the addition of a suffix.

A copy of both the amended notice and the void original is sent to the network operator and the electrical contractor.

Is there a time limit on when I can amend a notice or safety certificate I have lodged?

Yes, you can amend a lodged notice or certificate within the following time limits:

Preliminary Notices – any time up until a Notice of Completion has been lodged.

NOCs/ESCs – only possible within seven calendar days following lodgement.

What do I do if, after seven calendar days, I realise I need to make an important correction to a notice I’ve lodged but eNotice no longer allows me to amend it?

You will need to lodge a new notice and include a clear explanation of why this is necessary, together with a reference to the previous notice lodged in error. The new notice will have a new (different) number.

When would it be appropriate to amend a Preliminary Notice?

Amendment is recommended where:

  • There is a major change in scope of work or a significant increase in the planned electrical maximum demand.
  • The planned work does not actually proceed.
  • Two PNs are lodged accidentally for the same job.

When would it be appropriate to amend a Notice of Completion or Electrical Safety Certificate?

Amendment is recommended if you consider an error in the lodged notice is important to defining what you have declared and certified on the notice, including (but not limited to):

  • Premise address.
  • Type and details of the completed electrical installation.
  • Answers to compliance declaration questions.
  • Electrical worker details.
  • Date of testing or date of completion.
  • Where a notice has been lodged in error, such as:
    • Duplication of a previously lodged notice (for the same work).
    • Accidental lodgement.

Amendment of simple typographical errors is not necessary.

How do I amend a notice or certificate I have previously lodged in eNotice?

Simply follow the procedure provided in "Amending a lodged eNotice".

Do I need to advise the Network Operator or EnergySafety about amending a notice I have previously lodged in eNotice?

No, you do not need to separately notify anyone. However, when you amend a lodged notice, you need to provide (in eNotice) the reason for the change - additional input fields are provided for this purpose. The Network Operator or EnergySafety receives this information with the amended notice.

Do I need to advise the customer about amending an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) I have previously provided to them via eNotice?

No, you do not need to separately notify the customer. However, when you amend a lodged ESC, you need to provide (in eNotice) the reason for the change - additional input fields are provided for this purpose. The customer is sent this information with the amended ESC.

Rather than lodging an amended NOC, why can’t I simply ask the Network Operator or EnergySafety to alter their records?

A lodged NOC is a legal document certified by a Nominee registered with the Electrical Contractor. Any change required to a lodged NOC can, likewise, be made legally only by a Nominee registered with the Electrical Contractor.

ETIC users

I currently submit notices through Western Power's ETIC system. Will I need to change to eNotice?

ETIC users and Contractor Connect/SACs participants are not immediately impacted. You should continue to submit notices as usual using ETIC.

Western Power will transition ETIC users to eNotice over a period of time so as to reduce any impact on electrical contractors.

Western Power will contact electrical contractors directly to provide further guidance on how and when this will occur. It is likely to be early 2018. 

Will eNotice be the only method available for submitting electronic notices?

In future eNotice will be the only method for submitting notices electronically to all network operators and EnergySafety. Western Power's ETIC system will be phased out.

Will this change the way I request network services from Western Power?

If a network service is required, this must be requested from Western Power. Western Power is developing new service request eforms, which will provide all electrical contractors a single location to submit a network service request via the Western Power website.

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