Functions and responsibilities

Responsibilities of EnergySafety

The responsibilities of the Director of Energy Safety and the supporting EnergySafety Division can be summarised as covering the technical and safety regulation of:

  • electricity production;
  • electricity transmission and distribution;
  • electricity utilisation (consumers' installations and appliances);
  • gas distribution and gas production plants connected to gas distribution systems; and
  • gas utilisation (consumers' installations and appliances).

Principal functions of EnergySafety

The principal functions at EnergySafety are:

  • administering electricity and gas technical and safety legislation and providing policy and legislative advice to the Minister and Government;
  • setting and enforcing minimum safety standards for electricity and gas networks;
  • enforcing natural gas and LP gas quality standards;
  • for the purpose of ensuring satisfactory billing of consumers by gas suppliers, administering the regulatory scheme that determines the "higher heating value" of natural gas in distribution systems subject to the commingling (mixing) of gas from different sources;
  • providing technical advice and support to the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) and the Energy Ombudsman;
  • at the request of the ERA or Energy Ombudsman, investigating the performance of electricity and gas network operators, particularly in respect of energy supply reliability and quality;
  • setting and enforcing minimum safety standards for consumers' electrical and gas installations;
  • setting and enforcing safety of consumers' electrical and gas appliances;
  • licensing electrical contractors, electrical workers and gas fitters and carrying out accident investigations; and
  • promoting electricity and gas safety in industry and the community.


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