Incident safety reports

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EnergySafety is the electricity regulator in Western Australia.

This report produced by EnergySafety summarises statistical information about electrical incidents in Western Australia.

The report provides information on how safely the State's industry and general community are operating in the supply and use of electricity.

EnergySafety uses the information to make assessments about:

  • the effectiveness of safety education and regulatory measures (including mandatory technical requirements); and
  • the changes that should be considered to improve industry and community electrical safety outcomes.

These assessments are the subject of continuing policy work by EnergySafety, which include extensive consultation with electrical contractors, unions, training organisations and the Electrical Licensing Board.

Electrical Incident Safety Reports
Electrical incident safety report 2016-17 PDF 420KB
Electrical incident safety report 2015-16 PDF 401KB
Electrical incident safety report 2014-15 PDF 365KB
Electrical incident safety report 2013-14 PDF 370KB
Electrical incident safety report 2012-13 PDF 2.07MB
Electrical incident safety report 2010-11 PDF 330.4KB



Gas Incident Safety Reports
Gas incident safety report 2015-16 PDF 600KB
Gas incident safety report 2014-15    
Gas incident safety report 2013-14    
Gas incident safety report 2012-13 PDF 2.47MB


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