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Code of Practice for Inspectors (Electricity)

A comprehensive review of the Code of Practice for Inspectors (Electricity) in Western Australia (Code) has been completed.

The revisions are extensive and the document has been completely rewritten. Electrical inspectors and contractors are urged to familiarise themselves with the changes.


The Code provides information on the designation, powers and limitations of an electrical inspector under the Energy Coordination Act 1994 and the standard of conduct that inspectors are expected to maintain when carrying out their duties.

It is designed to assist people designated or planning to be designated as an Inspector (Electricity).

The provisions of the Code are not made mandatory by legislation or regulation at this stage.


The revised Code replaces the current version which has remained unchanged since its original publication in 2002.

The main changes are:

  1. Splitting the current document into three new documents:
  • the new Code of Practice;
  • application and renewal of designations (procedural); and
  • procedure for appealing against an Inspector’s Order.
  1. Enhancing the conduct required of inspectors as ‘public officers’ by incorporating general and particular requirements of the public sector Code of Ethics and Conduct Guide.


Development of the new Code and related procedures included substantial engagement with network operators and electrical contracting associations with a four week consultation period in February 2015.

Written submissions were received from these parties and EnergySafety has considered and responded to all matters raised in the submissions.


The revised Code and related procedures were published on Friday 1 May 2015, becoming effective on that date.

Code of Practice and inspector's designations
Code of Practice for Inspector's (Electricity) PDF 697KB
Application and renewal - Designation of Inspectors (Electricity) PDF 535KB
Procedure for appealing against an Inspector's Order issued by an Inspector (Electricity) PDF 292KB



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