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Industry & Export Awards 2017
Industry & Export Awards 2017, by Industry Development Directorate

Industry and Export Awards 2017

Celebrating 29 years.

In 2017 we celebrate 29 years of the Western Australian Industry and Export Awards program which provides support and encouragement to some of the state’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies.

Coordinated by the Department of Commerce and managed by the Export Council of Australia, the awards recognise and honour the "best of the best" in Western Australian business.

Applications for the 2017 awards have opened.

Your application starts here https://www.exportaward.com.au/wa/newentry/index.php

The  twelve selected export award categories from each state and territory awards program automatically progress to the 54th Australian Export Awards as national finalists.

Choosing the categories and awards https://www.exportaward.com.au/wa/newentry/categories.php

Don’t hesitate to seek further information or assistance by contacting:

Honor Iosif
Export Council of Australia
Telephone: (08) 6141 3139

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