Government Intellectual Property Case Studies

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Public sector employers

The Western Australian Public Sector has contributed significantly to the State’s economic prosperity through the use and commercialisation of intellectual property developed by creative public sector employees during the course of their normal duties.

With the assistance of other State Government agencies, the Industry and Innovation Division has compiled a series of case studies to demonstrate and celebrate past and current sources of public sector creativity and innovation that have assisted to further the efficiency and effectiveness of Government operations as well as providing significant benefits outside the public sector.

The case studies show that these State benefits are harnessed when public sector intellectual property is properly identified, managed and shared with the private sector for its further commercial development.

Central Institute of Technology – Export of VET Curricula Materials

Challenger Institute of Technology –  Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research – Fish Transportation Innovation

Chemistry Centre –Water Quality Testing Procedures for Wastewater Recycling Trials

Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia – Cripps Pink and Sundowner apple varieties

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research –Capturing Square Kilometre Array Intellectual Property

Landgate –Development of ‘Indofire’

Water Corporation – Development of ‘Bio Clay’

(Former) Western Australian Mineral Processing Laboratory – Bob Becher and development of the Becher Process

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