How to improve your mobile coverage

Good mobile coverage depends on where you are, the mobile handset, tablet or broadband device you are using and whether it has an external antenna attached.

Obstructions such as buildings, vehicles, trees, hills and building materials can all reduce the signal level available for your mobile device. Just as TV sets sometimes need external antennas to improve reception there are cases where the use of antennas can make a significant difference to the performance of a mobile device.

Suggestions to improve your reception

  • Plug in an external antenna - they can improve your mobile service along country highways and in rural areas. Look for high-gain antennas and ones that connect directly to your phone using a car kit or patch lead.
  • Look for specific handsets designed for use where signals are weak. Your network provider can recommend the best models for use in regional areas.
  • People seeking improved indoor coverage should consider a digital wireless communications antenna device which is approved and licensed to operate on their relevant carrier's network. It is very important to note that you can only operate a mobile phone repeater if you have been authorised by a carrier. Anyone found in possession of an illegal device may face a fine of up to $220,000.
    • Why is this? Because illegal devices can cause significant interference to mobile telecommunications networks, affecting coverage and therefore consumer access to mobile networks. In the worst case, the use of illegal mobile phone boosters has the potential to restrict access to the emergency call service, so please be aware of illegal or imitation devices - for further information how to obtain a legal device, please visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority's page Mobile phone repeaters - information for consumers and contact your network provider.

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