Regional Telecommunications Project overview

The Western Australian Government is committed to improving telecommunications services in regional Western Australia through the Regional Telecommunications Project (RTP) as part of an $85 million investment provided by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program.

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Regional Telecommunications Project

Improving mobile coverage within regional communities across the State.

The State Government's significant investment of $85m since 2012 in regional telecommunications is leading to the development of 266 new mobile phone towers in regional Western Australia.

The support highlights the success of its predecessor, the Regional Mobile Communications Project  that has already established mobile coverage along major highways and between towns in regional, rural and remote parts of the State.

The RTP will address Mobile coverage gaps in small communities and at strategic locations, and is well under way to deliver 132 mobile towers in Western Australia over three years to December 2018.

The RTP is being administered by the Department of Commerce in consultation with the Department of Regional Development.

It was announced in June 2015 that the Commonwealth and Western Australian Governments, along with industry partners, will jointly fund and support the rollout of the new Mobile Black Spot Program (MBSP) in Western Australia.

The MBSP will provide new or upgraded mobile base stations across regional Western Australia to eliminate known mobile black spots.

This combined funding from the RTP and MBSP will provide 132 mobile base station sites with new and improved handheld coverage and expand mobile accessibility across regional towns and major regional road networks, with 23 rolled out under the RTP to be completed by 30 June 2016. An additional 21 base stations will be funded through the Commonwealth and industry, bringing the total to 153.

The proposed rollout schedule for the 153 MBSP sites is listed here with the first site, Ajana in the Mid West already complete. This list of sites will be updated every four to six weeks as the project progresses.

It is proposed that construction is due to be completed by the end of December 2018.

A further $60 million has been committed by the Government for round 2 of the MBSP. The Government has announced the commencement of the competitive selection process for round 2, with applications due from mobile network operators by 14 June 2016. The locations to be funded under round 2 are expected to be announced in the second half of 2016.

The MBSP is supported by the Department of Communications and the Arts, Department of Commerce, Department of Regional Development, Telstra and Vodafone.

A map of locations in Western Australia that will receive new or upgraded coverage under the Mobile Black Spot Program is available from the Department of Communications and the Arts website.

How will the RTP benefit you and your community?

RTP will:

  • Deliver a significant reduction in mobile telephone and data coverage gaps in small communities and strategic locations
  • Enhanced safety and convenience for people living, learning, visiting and working in regional Western Australia
  • Increase access to mobile voice and high speed data services
  • Broaden commercial opportunities for local businesses
  • Support sustained regional development

Available for downloading and printing: Narrowing the digital divide in regional Western Australia.

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