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The Western Australian Technology and Industry Advisory Council (TIAC) is the preeminent advisory body to the State Government on strategic industry, science and technology matters in Western Australia and is established under the Industry and Technology Development Act 1998.

TIAC provides strategic evidence-based advice to government aimed at identifying and encouraging innovative approaches to development in industry, science, technology and government that drive sustainable and diverse economic growth in Western Australia.

TIAC’s suite of strategic activities has been developed in consultation with major stakeholders from the resources, environmental, health and medical sectors. The Council’s strategy reflects the focus and recognition of the importance of industry, scientific and technological developments as key drivers of Western Australia’s long-term prosperity.

TIAC’s strategic activities aim to:

  • demonstrate and promote the economic benefits of industry, science and technology;
  • champion innovative approaches to challenges facing WA, over the short term and long term;
  • explore the implications to WA’s changing economy of new technologies and emerging industries; and
  • examine the future skills and infrastructure required for an internationally competitive economy.

The Council consists of seven members with vast experience, knowledge and diverse backgrounds to ensure a broad cross section of ideas to capitalise on Western Australia’s strengths..

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